New Moms Are Terrified

sweet 'lil babyI remember when I brought home my eldest daughter from the hospital.  We were leaving the hospital with a nurse pushing the wheelchair (hospital policy) and I totally wanted her to come home with me.  I know I was older than the average first-time mom (age 31), but I was scared to take this little life home.  The nurses were there 24/7 for the two days I was in the hospital.  How could I do this on my own?  Nothing can prepare you for what you will feel when you become a mom.  You think all the babysitting you did as a teenager, or maybe as an aunt, can prepare you for what you are about to handle, but it doesn’t.   My husband and I were so happy to be parents, but no one gave us a book explaining all the things you need to know.  Shouldn’t there be a book call “Parenting for Dummies” or something?  All I know was that I didn’t want to be one of those mothers who calls their pediatrician every time something happens that kinda freaks me out.  “She spit up all her milk.  Should I give her more?”  or “I changed her diaper 10 minutes ago, and I’m doing it again.  Is that normal?”.  We all go through moments when we question things.  That’s how we learn.  No matter how freaked out you may get, just remember that every Mom has probably had the same feelings.  You do the best you can!  That’s all you can do!


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